Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rocket Ship!!

Oh what a funny, funny girl I have. This past Sunday evening, after visiting her cousins Jayden and Mya (side note > she calls both of them JaydenMya...one name to encompass both of them...he he), we drove home right under the flight path for landing airplanes at the Toronto airport.

Emmy LOVES airplanes. If there is one in the airspace above us, she will hear it or see it, no matter how far away it may be. There have been many times that she pointed out an airplane to us that we had trouble seeing, due to it being "way up high", as she says.

We parked our little familymobile in a parking lot right under the landing area and watched a bunch of airplanes come in for their landing about 100 feet above us. They were SO close to us and little Emmerson's face lit up with astonishment every time one of of the planes came in for its landing - she mistook one of the really large planes for something other than an airplane and yelled out "ROCKET SHIP!!!!!!!!" as it zoomed past her open window, leaving a loud wwhoooooooshhhhhh sound in its wake.

Maybe she will grow up to be a flight attendant. Or a pilot. Or an engineer who designs airplanes. Or just an airplane enthusiast. Or someone who travels in an airplane.

I'm so excited to see how all of these experiences, big and small, shape the person she becomes.